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Passage of Life (Boku no kaerubasho / 僕の帰る場所) Subtitle Indonesia

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*Passage of Life is based on a true story in the beginning of the 2010s. It was shot in 2014 by a production team of both Japanese and Burmese people. *Passage of Life shows the reality of a Burmese family living in Tokyo that immigrated to Japan with no visa, like many others did after the 8888 Uprising occurred in Myanmar. They spend their days wondering when the right time to return home is. *Passage of Life shows life in Myanmar in the middle of rapid economic change. *Passage of Life is about a family that just wants to be together, but is separated by two countries. *Passage of Life depicts the inner struggles of a 7 year-old boy who has two national identities and is struggling with a great change in his environment. *Passage of Life was born through intimate communication between a Burmese family and a Japanese director. This is what Passage of Life is about.

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