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Ajju Bhai (Aziz Ali) works as a goon for Jaffar Bhai whose work is to bash people and also extort money from them his injuries bring him frequently in encounter with Dr Ananya Prabhu.Aziz Ali develops a liking for boxing and comes across boxing coach Nana Prabhu while Ananya also convinces him to take the sport.Aziz trains well under Prabhu not realizing Annanya is his daughter while she also hides the truth from him,Aziz soon becomes a big name in boxing and tells Prabhu about his love.Prabhu is angered after knowing the truth and throws him out as he doesn't want inter caste marriage,Annanya leaves her house and starts living with Aziz.They start facing difficult times in their lives and Aziz is forced to fix a boxing match for money but the truth is exposed and he is banned from boxing for 5 years.

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BAHASA INDONESIA Toofan (2021) 720 / 1080P

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BAHASA INDONESIA 720 / 1080P Toofan (2021)

indonesian DBAFGOD
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